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Research on Influence Factors of Rate Fluctuation of Bond Repurchase in Financial Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.14


Tanxin Guo

Corresponding Author

Tanxin Guo


Inter-bank bond repurchase market plays an important role in China's financial market, and pledged repo is the largest and most active trading type in the inter-bank bond repurchase market. The inter-bank bond repo market has been established for more than twenty years since its establishment. The study of its influencing factors has always been a hot issue in the financial field. This paper expounds the background, research significance, development process and present situation of bond repurchase market, and analyzes the factors affecting the inter-bank bond repurchase interest rate.


Inter-bank bond repurchase rate, Repurchase market, Inter-bank offered rate, Influence factors.