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Web of Proceedings WOP in Electrical and Computer Science offers a flexible, fast and efficient publication service to conference organizers specializing in electrical engineering and computer science. It provides an open-access record of their events and a wide dissemination of the conference proceedings.
ISSN: 2515-4788
Vol. 24, 2022 7th International Industrial Informatics and Computer Engineering Conference (IIICEC 2022)
Vol. 23, 2021 4th International Conference on Computer, Civil Engineering and Mechatronics (ICCEM 2021)
Vol. 22, 2020 3rd International Conference on Computer Science, Electronics and Engineering Management (CSEEM 2020)
Vol. 21, 2020 International Symposium on Advances in Informatics, Electronics and Education (ISAIEE 2020)
Vol. 20, 2020 5th International Conference on Technologies in Manufacturing, Information and Computing (ICTMIC 2020)
Vol. 19, 2019 4th International Industrial Informatics and Computer Engineering Conference (IIICEC 2019)
Vol. 18, 2019 International Conference on Information Science, Medical and Health Informatics (ISMHI 2019)
Vol. 17, 2019 International Conference on Information,Communication Technology and Automation (ICICTA 2019)
Vol. 16, 2019 3rd International Conference on Artificial intelligence, Systems, and Computing Technology (AISCT 2019)
Vol. 15, 2019 International Conference on Computer Information Analytics and Intelligent Systems (CIAIS 2019)
Vol. 14, 2019 International Seminar on Automation, Intelligence, Computing, and Networking (ISAICN 2019)
Vol. 13, 2019 9th International Conference on Management and Computer Science (ICMCS 2019)
Vol. 12, 2019 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Advanced Materials (CSAM 2019)
Vol. 11, 2018 International Conference on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (ICBDAI 2018)
Vol. 10, 2018 3rd International Symposium on Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing and Systems (EEEMS 2018)
Vol. 9, 2018 4th International Conference on Systems, Computing, and Big Data (ICSCBD 2018)
Vol. 8, 2018 International Conference on Data Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Communications (DPAIC 2018)
Vol. 7, 2018 International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (ICCSE 2018)
Vol. 6, 2018 2nd International Conference on Systems, Computing, and Applications (SYSTCA 2018)
Vol. 5, 2018 5th International Conference on Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (ICEEECS 2018)
Vol. 4, 2018 4th World Conference on Control, Electronics and Computer Engineering (WCCECE 2018)
Vol. 3, 2017 8th International Computer Systems and Education Management Conference (ICSEMC 2017)
Vol. 2, 2017 International Conference on Computing, Communications and Automation (I3CA 2017)
Vol. 1, 2017 5th International Conference on Computer, Automation and Power Electronics (CAPE 2017)