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The realistic dilemma and path choice of rural old-age care under the background of rural revitalization strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.049


Hong Li

Corresponding Author

Hong Li


Faced with the ever-changing social economy and population growth, China's old-age security system is still in constant exploration and adjustment. The population aging problem in China has become an irreversible social problem due to the combined effect of the declining birth rate brought about by the national policy of family planning, the improvement of medical and health service level and the increase of life expectancy brought about by economic development. This paper probes into the path of rural old-age security system with China characteristics under the background of overall planning of urban and rural areas, and puts forward that rural old-age security with China characteristics should be an effective combination of family old-age security, land security and social old-age security. This paper expounds the characteristics of the construction of the rural elderly care system, analyzes the problems existing in the current rural elderly care system, such as the imperfect planning and system design of the rural elderly care service system, the imbalance between the effective supply and demand of the rural elderly care service industry, and the insufficient payment capacity of the elderly for social elderly care, and puts forward that services should integrate resources, promote the establishment of the service system, and rely on rural revitalization Building a rural old-age system and other development strategies to build a rural old-age system to enable rural revitalization.


Rural vitalization; Rural elderly care; Realistic predicament; Route