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Ways of Cultivating Artisan Spirit of Logistics Major in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Post-epidemic Background

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.048


Dongmei Zhou

Corresponding Author

Dongmei Zhou


In the stage of higher vocational education, the guidance of teachers' correct ideas is very important for the cultivation of students' thoughts and behaviors, which is the key to whether students can become valuable talents to the society. Higher vocational colleges shoulder the historical mission of cultivating technical and skilled talents with craftsman spirit and the important task of cultivating Chinese high-end manufacturing "craftsmen". They should deeply understand the connotation and significance of craftsman spirit, integrate the cultivation of craftsman spirit into the whole process of higher vocational education reform and training students, and finally transport a large number of talents with craftsman spirit for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing. Only when students have a correct attitude and a strong "artisan spirit" in logistics management education and training can they achieve better development in their future career. Therefore, higher vocational education should strengthen the cultivation of students' "artisan spirit", help students establish their "artisan spirit" consciousness, and make students make positive contributions to social development.


Post-epidemic background; Logistics major in higher vocational education; craftsmanship spirit