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The Contemporary Value of Marxist Theory and Its Guidance to ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.044


Xue Li

Corresponding Author

Xue Li


Marxist theory course is the main channel and front of university students' Ideological and political education (IPE) and the soul of quality education. Great changes have taken place in the environment for dealing with various social relations, and the continuous growth of Marxist theoretical education in practice has made it face a series of new situations, which are more in line with the law of human cognition and scientific development. Under the background of economic globalization, cultural diversity and informatization, we should strengthen the research and construction of Marxist theory, strive to do a good job in IPE, accurately grasp the internal relationship between them, and lay emphasis on the study and application of Marxist theory. This paper mainly analyzes the contemporary value of Marxist theory and its guiding role in IPE, so as to promote the reform of university students' IPE and provide support and service for the innovation of ideology courses.


Marxist theory; Ideological and political education; Diversification