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New Requirements of Phased Quality Development for Higher Education Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.039


Xiaohan Bai, Kris PHATTARAPHAKIN, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Corresponding Author

Xiaohan Bai


Under the influence of knowledge economy, innovation is concentrated in knowledge innovation, talent innovation and education innovation. As the cradle of talent cultivation, universities should pay more attention to innovative work to adapt to the growth of the times and the requirements put forward by the society. It is one of the important contents of university management in the new period to construct a first-class university education management system and improve the quality of university education management. The wide popularization and application of Internet technology has greatly promoted the rapid growth of educational informatization in universities. Perfecting the educational management system in universities inevitably requires the continuous optimization and reform of management technology and team building, so as to promote the sound growth of educational management in universities. Based on the perspective of staged quality development, this article discusses the growth of higher education management from the aspects of enhancing the service consciousness of education management, optimizing the construction of education management platform and the construction of education management team, and provides reference for the innovation of higher education management under the new situation.


Educational management; Information technology; Educational innovation