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Research on the Application of New Technology in Enterprise Financial Management in the Age of Abstract Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.038


Hui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hui Zhang


Enterprise financial management technology(FM) is the economic lifeblood of the survival and development of enterprises. The scientific management of enterprise FM is a major way to ensure the economic benefits of enterprises. In the traditional enterprise FM model, it is subject to a variety of limiting factors and influencing factors, which may cause the weakening of the efficiency and quality of enterprise FM. The wide application of information technology has brought great changes to the way of enterprise management, especially the impact on FM, from the original manual processing to complete computer processing. Compared with other business departments, the pace of FM reform is relatively slow, but with the deepening of the reform and the change of the overall management environment, the requirements of enterprises on FM are constantly improving. Not only the timeliness, accuracy and effectiveness of financial information have higher requirements, but also the value created by FM for enterprises. This paper makes a detailed and systematic analysis of derivative financial instruments, discusses the application status of derivative financial instruments in enterprise FM, and puts forward some improvement measures to promote the application of derivative financial instruments in enterprise FM.


Intelligent times; Enterprise financial management technology; Accounting information