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Research on innovative application of color in animation scene and interior design

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.037


Hesheng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hesheng Zhang


With the continuous improvement of modern people's quality of life, people's demand for aesthetic is also getting higher and higher. As a new form of artistic expression, animation has been widely used in many fields. Color is an indispensable element in animation scenes and interior design. Reasonable selection and smart application of color is an important prerequisite to ensure that animation scenes and interior design present a better visual aesthetic effect. Color is an important factor that cannot be ignored in interior design. It has a very strong appeal and expressiveness. The collocation and application of color directly affect the atmosphere and overall composition of the entire interior space. In the design of indoor space, the flexible use and matching of colors can make the space more vivid and full of vitality, and at the same time, it can adjust the light sense, temperature sense and space depth effect of indoor space, and optimize the space experience effect. This paper mainly starts from the analysis of the art of animation scene design, and introduces the basic concepts, thinking and expression, design elements and other aspects of animation scene design in detail.


Color; Animation scene; Interior design; Element color