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The correspondence between constructivism teaching theory and English teaching reform

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.033


Liu Qingxia

Corresponding Author

Liu Qingxia


With the continuous development of economy, education has also made unprecedented achievements. Today, with the rapid development of socialist education and culture, more and more new teaching methods and ideas have been applied to curriculum teaching. In the traditional English teaching(ET), students' English ability is gradually out of touch with the practical needs of society. In daily teaching, new theories are needed to guide and change the traditional teaching mode. In other words, the traditional teaching model has not met the requirements of the new curriculum reform. The goal of teaching design based on constructivism is to stimulate and cultivate the students' ability to learn independently and do well, and cultivate their ability to collect information, deal with information and solve problems. On this basis, the problems and disadvantages in college ET in Gansu Normal University for Nationalities are investigated and analyzed by questionnaire and interview. Based on the above research results, the author believes that this research has certain enlightenment significance to senior high school ET design, and the research results are helpful to attract senior high school teachers to adopt constructivism-based teaching design, so as to improve ET level and cultivate students' lifelong learning ability.


Teaching design; English teaching; Constructivism