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The Influence of Labor Contract Law Based on Big Data on Labor Relations

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.032


Ke Guo

Corresponding Author

Ke Guo


A labor contract refers to a written agreement between a worker and an employer to establish a labor relationship and define the rights and obligations of both parties. Employers in China should sign written labor contracts with workers when recruiting workers. Although labor relations and labor contract relations have certain unity, it does not mean that they can replace each other. In the fourth industrial revolution led by industrial intelligence, with intelligent manufacturing as the core, it will surely lead to the change of labor relations again.The new labor relations evolved from atypical labor are naturally more diversified and complicated, which brings challenges to how to identify the new labor relations in China. Although the current labor contract law of our country may not identify the new type of labor relations in flexible employment forms, even so, it is still of important academic value and significance to study the big data of judicial practice in the ten years of the implementation of the Labor Contract Law. The expansion of labor relations at different levels of enterprises, industries, industries and society has become a lot of challenges for the implementation of the labor contract law. This paper will analyze the impact of the labor contract law on labor relations based on big data, and how to build a harmonious labor relationship will also become the main topic of this paper.


Labor relations, Labor contract, Big data