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The Construction Method of Ideological and Political Learning System in Colleges and Universities Based on Virtual Reality Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.022


Xiaoxue Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxue Wang


In order to overcome the monotony and rigidity of the traditional ideological and political course, this paper puts forward a new method of constructing the ideological and political learning system in colleges and universities based on virtual reality technology. The construction method combines the current situation of ideological and political teaching activities in colleges and universities, starting from the teaching concept of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and teaching in fun. Based on this, the core of the construction method is to turn students' enthusiasm for online learning into their enthusiasm for learning, and put forward specific implementation methods and optimization strategies. The results demonstrate that the construction method really breaks the monotony of traditional ideological and political teaching activities.


Virtual reality technology; Science and technology; Higher education; Ideological and political education