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Suspension of Artistic Expression: A Study on the Generation Mechanism of Actor Crisis in the Film Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.017


Xiaohan Yang

Corresponding Author

Xiaohan Yang


The suspension of artistic expression is becoming a symptom of the crisis that actors are currently suffering in the film industry. Through the purification of the theory of cultural industrialization, this paper analyzes and explains the actor crisis from the three perspectives of industrial technology, industrial capital, and industrial society. The excessive use of industrial technology has led to the marginalization of actors and the decisive intervention of industrial capital has deprived them of the right to choose their film roles. Moreover, the "McDonald's" production of film art that has been caused by industrial society has made actors lack an in-depth understanding of reality. Experience, the compound effect of these three elements, has finally led to a crisis for Chinese actors. According to the study, in response to the actor crisis, the diversified production of films, resistance to the colonization of capital, and immersion in real life, can be used to form a multi-party effort to fight against the crisis of film from the perspective of the ideal pursuit of film.


film industry, actor crisis, culture industry theory, generative mechanism