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Research on Customer Relationship Management of Small and Medium-Sized Private Medical Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.010


Zhijuan Wang, Ronaldo Juanatas

Corresponding Author

Zhijuan Wang


Customer relationship management is an important part of the company's operation. Stable and highly loyal customer relationships decide to the company's survival and future development. With the positive policy of developing small and medium-sized private enterprises, many companies join the market. If small and medium-sized enterprises want to gain a place in the market, they must maintain customer resources,improve customer loyalty and increase customer stickiness. In order to be more practical, this paper takes Shenzhen Tianyun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. as an example. Through analyze the company, deeply explores the problems in the company's customer relationship management, and puts forward targeted solutions.


Medium-sized Private Medical Enterprises; Customer relationship management; Strategy