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A Research on the Development Issues of Elderly Care Service Institutions

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.008


Ning Xv

Corresponding Author

Ning Xv


Since the 1990s, the aging trend of China's population has been intensifying. At this stage, China has entered an aging society, accompanied by aging, disability and empty nest. Complex and diverse pension problems need to be solved urgently. However, in sharp contrast to the growing demand, there is still an incomplete pension service industry chain. As a sunrise industry, the growth of market demand has also brought about diversification of demand, but there are a lot of deficiencies and problems in both low-end and high-end markets, which are mainly manifested in the lack of institutions, single service content, imperfect infrastructure, poor operating conditions and difficult to meet the diversified and multi-level needs of the elderly. This paper will summarize the development status of China's elderly care service institutions industry, analyze the possible problems in the development of China's elderly care institutions on this basis, and then give relevant suggestions to explore the development path of elderly care service institutions suitable for China's road.


Aging, Institutional pension, Elderly care service institutions