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The role of social work in community conflict mediation

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.007


Yuze Wei

Corresponding Author

Yuze Wei


The harmony and stability of the community affect grass-roots society. The community has become a frequent source of social contradictions and disputes due to society's transformation and development, the emergence of new classes, and the reshaping of social interests. Community governance focuses on resolving contradictions and disputes in a reasonable manner. Law, administration, and community mediation are used to resolve community conflicts. Legal and administrative means have contributed greatly to protecting fairness, justice, and the rights and interests of the masses, but they are rigid and time-consuming. Community mediation can replace legal and administrative shortcomings. At present, our community mediation work has not played its due role, on the one hand, because the community work has a certain administrative colour, limited ability, and lack of attention to community contradictions; on the other hand, the community work is complex, understaffed, and lacks professional concept guidance. The participation of social work agencies in the settlement of community conflicts opens a new window for resolving crazy neighbourhood conflicts. When social workers participate in community conflict mediation, they can play the role of a fair and just third party, create a flexible and soothing atmosphere for the conflict subject, improve the efficiency of community conflict handling, and protect the community's interests.


Social work, Community conflict mediation