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Exploring the Teaching of English Listening in Junior High School from the Perspective of Krashen's Input Hypothesis Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.006


Kunpeng Zheng, Zefeng Ma, Miaomiao Xiao, Shihao Jin, Siyu Xia

Corresponding Author

Kunpeng Zheng


Listening teaching is an essential part of English teaching in junior high school, and is also an important and difficult part of English teaching, which has a great significance in challenging the teaching level of junior high school English teachers. Good listening skills are the main foundation for students to learn the subject of English well and also facilitate the acquisition of relevant language skills. Students need to spend a lot of time and effort on listening in order to master the listening part of the teaching. Combined with relevant practical experience, in English education at the junior high school level, for the perspective of Krashen's input hypothesis theory, it is necessary to explore the teaching content in English listening teaching accordingly, under the premise that students have more time, and appropriately increase the listening power to help students improve their overall English literacy. In view of this, this paper puts forward a few strategies to promote English listening teaching for junior high school students for reference.


junior high school English; listening teaching; Krashen input; theoretical perspectives