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Investigation and Analysis of the Difficulty of Home-Based Care in Community in L District of Jinan City

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2022.003


Longyun Li

Corresponding Author

Longyun Li


In order to explore the status quo of community-based home care services in Jinan, identify problems and put forward targeted suggestions, this paper takes social embeddedness theory as the starting point of logic analysis, uses community care theory as the framework of service framework, and uses qualitative research methods such as field observation and face-to-face interviews, partially investigated and explored the layout and operation of community home care services in Jinan City. The survey shows that the community home care se rvice system in Jinan is not perfect, the supply and demand of services do not match, the participation of social entities is insufficient, and the community home care professionals are lacking.


Jinan city; community home care; Analysis of the current situation