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Exploration of Experimental Teaching for OFDM Simulation Based on GNU Radio

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.076


Haoqi Ren, Zhifeng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Haoqi Ren


With the rapid development of wireless communication technology, the existing hardware experimental platform has been difficult to meet the needs of experimental teaching. Aiming at the problems in traditional wireless communication experiments, this paper proposes a wireless communication simulation experiment system based on GNU Radio, to replace the out-of-date hardware experimental cases. Taking OFDM experiment as an example, the module selection, parameter settings and experimental results of the simulation experiment system are described. The simulation experiment system has wider applicability. There are a large number of functional modules to choose from in the design kit, which can be used for further development according to requirements of incoming technologies. The system can realize the simulation of wireless communication, so as to further develop more experimental projects that keep pace with the times. As a beneficial supplement to theory teaching in class, it can provide students with more practical chances.


Wireless Communication, OFDM, GNU Radio