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Research on Multi-subject Governance of Personal Information Security in Internet Finance: Based on CNKI Database

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.067


Ziman Liu, Jiafeng Liu

Corresponding Author

Ziman Liu


With the rapid development of internet finance, while it brings huge economic benefits, it also faces huge security problems for the personal information that is processed in large quantities. At this stage, the research on personal information security on the internet is still characterized by decentralization and fragmentation. Using systematic review and literature analysis methods, this paper studies and analyzes the personal information security problems and countermeasures of 21 literature based on CNKI core database. It is concluded that personal information leakage has become a basic problem in internet finance personal information security, which needs to be solved through a governance system with the participation of multiple subjects. Based on the analysis of existing literature, this paper proposes a multi-subject governance system for Internet financial personal information security.


Internet Finance, Personal Information Security, Financial Security, Multi-subject Governance, Financial Information Governance