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Reflections on the Construction of "Double First Class" Based on U.S. News World University Rankings

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.065


Shouguo Yang, Rumin Huang

Corresponding Author

Shouguo Yang


The construction of "double first-class" is a major initiative to strengthen China's science and education, and it is also an opportunity for the rapid development of colleges and universities. Through the comparative analysis of U.S. News world university Ranking index and the ranking of famous universities between of China and abroad, it is concluded that Chinese universities have surpassed most world-famous universities in terms of school-running scale, but need to strengthen in internationalization of faculty and students, faculty-student ratio and full-time researchers. On the scale of high-quality academic achievements, Chinese universities have reached the world-class level, but the proportion of high-quality achievements in total achievements is lower than the world ranking of universities. Therefore, measures should be taken to improve the quality of achievements and control the output of low-quality achievements.


U.S. News, University Ranking, Double First-class Construction, Discipline Construction