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Research on Innovation of Higher Vocational Sports Teaching Based on Employment Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.062


Wei Qiao, He Gao

Corresponding Author

Wei Qiao


The physical education in higher vocational colleges should be developed closely around students' professional abilities, not only to cultivate students' physical abilities, but also to carry out vocational sports skills learning in combination with employment guidance, so as to further enhance their employability. At present, the physical education courses in some vocational colleges are lack of professionalism and innovation, the teaching concept is relatively traditional, and the awareness of deepening reform is not strong, they have not formed their own characteristics. The article takes the employability as the starting point, gives full play to the advantages of vocational education, innovates the higher vocational sports teaching concept, reasonably plans the teaching content, expands the teaching path, improves the curriculum evaluation system according to the characteristics of the specialty, closely combines the higher vocational physical education with the employment guidance, so that to comprehensively develop the overall quality of students.


Higher Vocational Sports, Employment Guidance, Innovation Research, Education Reform