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"Continuation Task" Research Review

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.052


Caixia Chen

Corresponding Author

Caixia Chen


Professor Wang Chuming (2010) first proposed "continuation task", suggesting that reading and writing should be combined to increase interaction and improve synergy. In October 2016, reading and writing was used for the first time as a question type for the college entrance examination in Zhejiang Province. Therefore, it can be seen that reading and writing can be used as a question type for high-risk examinations, which is very valuable. Research of the question type is also very important. This article uses CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) to conduct literature searches with the subject words and years of "continuation task" and "2012-2020", and summarizes the relevant researches on "continuation task" in recent years, and some humble opinions on further research in the field will be presented.


Continuation Task; Synergistic Effect; Text Features