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Research on Public Service System of Intelligent Tourism Based on Optimization Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.043


Xiaoying Long, Hongxia Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoying Long


Against the wisdom tourism public service system construction exists in the lack of system integration idea, insufficient capital investment, public information service level is not high, construction problems such as imbalance, according to the wisdom of tourism related theory, using multivariate optimization calculation method, artificial intelligence algorithm, according to the tourist demand, establish the public service system, construction of whole tourism media information release platform, Build a mobile APP platform integrating provincial tourism resources, innovate the tourism network marketing model, establish a reasonable interactive evaluation and feedback mechanism for public services, carry out the construction of smart tourism scenic spots, build a security system for public service tourists, and build a tourism e-commerce platform.


Big Data, Smart Tourism, Platform Operation, The System Design