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Research on the Innovation of Education form of Education Meta-universe Based on Optimization Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.039


Fan Chen, Hongxia Wu

Corresponding Author

Fan Chen


Development direction of education form: large-scale, digital, virtual, intelligent, personalized. The educational meta-universe breaks through the limitation of time and space, reconstructs the relationship between educational subjects and solves the social problems such as educational equity, which is beneficial to the high-quality development of education. This research adopts the multivariable optimization algorithm, from education to the technical characteristics and learning characteristics, discusses the macro universe education under the yuan for change and innovation education scene, analysis of the micro learners under the perspective of education yuan interaction patterns and practices of quality of the universe in ascension, analyzed the education yuan universe application cases, prove that have good development space.


Educational Meta-universe, Virtual Society, Mirror Agent, Optimization Theory