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Research on the Model of Training Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents in the Specialty of Financial Management —Taking Northeast Electric Power University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.032


Liyan Du

Corresponding Author

Liyan Du


With the popularization of higher education and the increasing employment standards of enterprises, talents with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial consciousness are more recognized by the society. Northeast Electric Power University is a local university with distinctive industry characteristics. The training of Financial Management professionals needs to change the concept of talent training, focus on local talent demand and industry demand, deepen the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and build a talent training mode that meets the requirements of Financial Management talents' innovation and entrepreneurship ability training from the aspects of reforming the curriculum content system, improving teachers' innovation and entrepreneurship ability, stimulating students' learning motivation and integrating teaching methods.


Financial Management Specialty, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents, Talent Training Mode, Northeast Electric Power University