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Competitive Strategies of City Card from the Perspective of Electronic Payment

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.031


Xiaobo Wei, Luna Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xiaobo Wei


With the characteristics of quickness and portability, the City Pass Card company has realized micro-payment and card swiping in the field of public transportation, providing convenience for people's daily life. In the era of digital economy, third-party payment platforms are constantly infiltrating the offline market, NFC mobile phone manufacturers integrate the platforms from the aspect of hardware and software, and traditional banks have also joined the layout of offline payment business, which has severely squeezed the market development space of urban pass card. In order to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, the City Card Co. needs to deal with the challenges by enriching and perfecting functions of the card, expanding payment scenarios, and establishing an information sharing platform.


City Pass Card, Third-Party Payment, Mobile Payment, Competitive Strategies