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Research on the Assessment Reform of Digital Signal Processing Course

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.024


Min Fu, Zuxu Dai, Yuhang Wang

Corresponding Author

Min Fu


The course of digital signal processing is characterized by a variety of transformation formulas and a large number of mathematical derivations .It needs many courses such as advanced mathematics, signal and system as prerequisite courses.It is also very practical and essential for the employment of students.It requires he theory and engineering application ability.Based on these characteristics, this paper puts forward the reform of the four in one multi-dimensional comprehensive assessment method of oral test, weekly quiz, experimental test and open test, and adds MATLAB simulation experiment.Tracking the actual teaching experiment data of students' postgraduate entrance examination and employment through teaching experiments, which reflects the good teaching effect of assessment reform in practical teaching application.


Assessment Method, Uncoiling, Oral Examination