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Agricultural Intelligent Monitoring and Targeted Poverty Alleviation System Based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.023


Ping Yu, Weihao Du

Corresponding Author

Weihao Du


Internet of Things (IOT) is an emerging industry with huge potential for development. This paper designs a monitoring and management system based on the ZigBee wireless transmission network and sensor technology on the Internet of Things technology, as well as MySQL database technology. It has the functions of real-time monitoring, threshold value early warning, data analysis and display of soil temperature and humidity information in each period of crop growth cycle in targeted poverty alleviation area. The system can monitor crop soil temperature and humidity data completely and accurately. At the same time, it can be applied to the intelligent monitoring and management of agricultural information in a large area of targeted poverty alleviation at a lower cost. It effectively promotes the agricultural modernization process in this area, and is a sustainable, controllable and intelligent new mode of agricultural poverty alleviation.


Wireless Sensor Networks, ZigBee, Temperature and Humidity, MySQL Database, Targeted Poverty Alleviation