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Study on the Formation Path of New Growth Points of Cultural Tourism Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.021


Xiqiu Liu, Min Wei

Corresponding Author

Min Wei


Limited by the epidemic situation, the pressure of continuous economic downturn and the lack of tourist experience, Xiamen's cultural and tourism economic development is facing problems of insufficient power, such as insufficient innovation of tourism products, sufficient excavation of local culture, unbalanced regional development, lack of compound talents in the tourism industry and so on. Therefore, in the context of cultural tourism integration, this study is committed to analyzing the development trend of cultural tourism economy at home and abroad, and on this basis, constructing a comprehensive measurement index system to comprehensively evaluate the high-quality development level of cultural tourism economy in Xiamen, analyze its development status, and learn from the development of cultural tourism economy in other regions to analyze the shortcomings of cultural tourism economic development in Xiamen.


Formation Path, New Growth Points, Cultural Tourism Economy