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Empirical Research on Pupils' Creative Thinking from the Perspective of Mathematical Problems Posing

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.018


Jiamin Liu, Quan Chen

Corresponding Author

Jiamin Liu


This paper explores the creative thinking of primary school students from the perspective of posing mathematical problems. Compile the test volume of "posing mathematical problems of primary school students", takes the grade 5 students of J primary school in Zhenjiang City as the research object, and measures the development level of students' creative thinking. The results show that the overall level of pupils' creative thinking is low, the performance gap in fluency is the largest, and the gap in originality is the smallest; There is a significant correlation between the three dimensions of creative thinking; In terms of gender variables, there is no difference between boys and girls in creative thinking. According to the results, this paper puts forward effective suggestions for teachers' teaching and promotes the development of pupils' creative thinking.


Creative Thinking, Pupils, Mathematical Problems Posing