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Intelligent Water Affairs Integrated Information Management System Based on Microservice Framework

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.011


Yu Luo, Xiaohong Qian, Yongcheng Li

Corresponding Author

Yu Luo


The smart water management system is an important part of the country to promote the construction of smart city. In order to effectively promote the informatization process of the county water area, in view of the current water and rain situation in the county water area, the system selects the mainstream lightweight micro service framework from the requirements of instrument acquisition, data acquisition, data transmission, data storage, data processing and analysis,Using the development mode based on the separation of front and back platform, namely spring cloud + Vue system development framework, the integrated water affairs information management system of a county in Henan Province is designed and implemented.The analysis shows that this mode reduces the software development cycle, reduces the development cost, improves the system efficiency and robustness, and proves the security and feasibility of its development framework.


Microservice Framework, Smart Water Service, Spring Cloud, Vue