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Evolution of the Political and Spatial Boundaries in Ancient Tarim Basin

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.007


Youjia Chen, Jin Tao, Geng Li, Xiaolan Zhuo

Corresponding Author

Xiaolan Zhuo


There is a specific relationship between the politics and spatial boundaries. From the historical perspective, this article takes Kashigar as an instance, to study the political process in Tarim Basin, as well as the related spatial projection, and finally teases out the evolution process and law of political space in the basin. The analysis shows that the political spatial boundaries in the basin has evolved dynamically over time due to the interplay of endogenous and exogenous forces. Firstly, the overall process of development from scattered small oasis regimes to a regional political force based on a large oasis; Secondly, the distribution of political space within the basin and its evolution is mainly controlled by the formation and changes in the larger political pattern outside; Lastly, the boundaries of power of different political entities change from time to time, but their core areas remain fixed. The article's exploration of the political patterns of the Tarim Basin provides a reference point for subsequent research.


Tarim Basin, Politics, Spatial boundaries, Evolution