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Analysis on the Current Situation and Common Ground of Higher Education in Central and Eastern European Countries: Take Hungary and Bulgaria as Examples

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.004


Sen Wang, Miaomei Liu

Corresponding Author

Sen Wang


As China embarks on a new journey to achieve the second centenary goal, there are also deeper requirements for the development of higher education. By analyzing the Central and Eastern European countries represented by Hungary and Bulgaria, and based on the official data of the two countries' colleges and universities setting, level distribution and international education, it is found that the two countries have the common characteristics of reducing the scale of higher education and mainly studying in neighboring countries in the region. In view of the content and results of the analysis, it is believed that further discussion of the following issues will have certain significance for building an educational power: (1) the supplementary role of private higher education institutions to the higher education system; (2) the configuration of higher education institutions in the region; (3) higher education institutions balance strategy between the scale, quality and demand of education; (4) the new model of international cooperation in higher education.


Education in Central and Eastern Europe, Higher Education, Education in Hungary, Education in Bulgaria