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New Thinking, New Mode, and New Path of University Classroom Instruction Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iche.2022.001


Qianying Zou, Chunfa Chen

Corresponding Author

Qianying Zou


Classroom teaching reform has attracted much attention in China’s higher education. “Eliminating the frivolous class” has become an essential topic in constructing undergraduate education in China. This study explores a new method of classroom teaching reform, which forms a “new thinking” of “Three-in-one” by setting classroom teaching time, transforming classroom teaching space and reconstructing the content of classroom teaching activities; the “deep learning method” is introduced to propose five steps of QTDDF to carry out classroom teaching activities. At the same time, embed the “transformable skills” concerned by enterprises to form the constituent elements of building a “new model” of classroom teaching; With continuous practice and repeated training, a “generation model” of college classroom teaching reform with the characteristics of “classroom revolution” is finally formed. The practice has proved that the designed classroom teaching can significantly improve students’ attention, concentration, interest, participation, knowledge contribution, learning acquisition, goal achievement, and achievement display. The research results are expected to provide theoretical and practical support for the return of “classroom revolution” to whole-person education and promote the sustainable development of teaching and learning to construct a “top-quality class”.


Classroom Teaching, Learning Environment, Deep Learning Methods, Transferable Skills, Situational Knowledge