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Discussion on Training Mode for Applied Talents Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Identification

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.078


Wangting Li, Yuening Li, Tingting Chen

Corresponding Author

Tingting Chen


Traditional Chinese medicine identification is an applied discipline to identify and study the varieties and quality of traditional Chinese medicine, formulate quality standards for traditional Chinese medicine, and seek and expand new drug sources. Also, it is one of the important courses for the specialty of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the training mode for applied talents in traditional Chinese medicine identification, this work discussed the ways and methods of training applied talents from four aspects: course teaching, experiment teaching, practice of medicinal botanical garden, exploration and improvement. Then, students can gradually improve the ability of traditional Chinese medicine identification, master the basic theory, technical methods and experimental skills of traditional Chinese medicine identification. High quality modern applied talents of traditional Chinese medicine are trained to inherit and carry forward the pharmaceutical heritage of the motherland, and enrich and promote the development of modern Chinese medicine science.


Traditional Chinese medicine identification; Applied talents; Training mode