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The Current Situation and Problems of the Language Education of Yunnan's “Zhi Guo” Ethnic Groups

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.076


Yao Chen, Qian Huang

Corresponding Author

Yao Chen


Relatively little research has been conducted on the language education of Yunnan's “Zhi Guo” ethnic groups. This study surveyed the teachers, students and villagers to learn their current situation and problems of language education. Qualitative data were gathered using classroom observation and semi-structured interviews in Cangyuan county and Ruili city and analyzed using the paradigm of the education ecosystem. The conclusion of the study showed that ethnic language does not constitute an obstacle for junior students` school learning anymore. On the contrary, setting up the local curriculum of ethnic language and culture education is a policy to supplement the minority culture. The dilemma is that the characteristics of multicultural education are becoming thinner and thinner, while the modernization of education remains on the surface.


“Zhi Guo” Ethnic Groups; Language Education; Ethnic Education