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Research and Practice of "integration of specialty and innovation" Application-oriented Talents Training Model for Mechanical Majors under the Background of New Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.075


Xuedong Xu

Corresponding Author

Xuedong Xu


In the traditional engineering talent training model, innovation ability education and professional education are separated, and it is urgent to strengthen the cultivation of innovation ability in engineering education talent training. Take the mechanical specialty as an example, research the combination of professional and innovative education in talent training, determine the goal of innovation ability among the training objectives through the top-level design of "ask the industry to know the needs", and establish a curriculum system that deeply integrates innovative and professional education. The innovation ability training is integrated into the whole process of talent training. Breaking through the campus-centered training model, industry companies participate in the talent training process, establish a multi-level practice platform, and students gradually improve their innovation capabilities through "learning-competition-practice-promotion". The research has achieved successful experience through practice and enriched the talent training mode of application-oriented universities.


New Engineering; integration of specialty and innovation; mechanical specialty; Talent training model