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Factors Affecting College Students' Physical Health and Reform Strategy of Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.074


Yingying Zhao, Wei Liang, Cai Ren, Yan Song, Yi Wei

Corresponding Author

Cai Ren


The decline of the physical fitness of contemporary students has become a prominent realistic problem, and it is also a common and urgent problem faced by schools and students. This work took college students as research objects and found that their physical indicators are generally weak. The main reason comes from students themselves as well as colleges and universities. The poor fitness awareness of students, the irrational physical education curriculum, and inadequate physical education equipment in colleges and universities have greatly affected the physical health of college students. Based on specific reasons, this work put forward corresponding strategies from the aspects of individuals and schools, aiming to help students improve their fitness awareness, take the initiative to participate in sports, and ensure that college students have a healthy and strong body. Only in this way can they shoulder the responsibility of building a great Chinese nation and become the hope of the future development of China.


College students; Physical health; Physical education; Teaching reform