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The Construction of Blended Online/Offline (O2O) Course of the “Introduction to E-commerce”

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.072


Qiongwei Ye, Yingxuan Xu, Yumei Luo

Corresponding Author

Yumei Luo


In order to help colleges and universities' e-commerce majors to cultivate e-commerce talents who are equipped with both ICT and the competence on business model innovation for enterprises and society. After years-experience on curriculum construction and with rich teaching resources accumulated, this research explored a series of effective teaching methods and analyzed how to construct blended online/offline (O2O) course of “Introduction to E-commerce” with complete teaching system and significant teaching effects. The discussion covers teaching design ideas, teaching methods, teaching effect evaluation and etc.


Introduction to E-commerce; Curriculum construction; Blended online/offline (O2O) courses