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Feasibility Research on Integration of Physical Education Curriculum in Universities, Primary and Secondary Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.068


Xiangbo Wei

Corresponding Author

Xiangbo Wei


In order to further improve the physical education curriculum, it is effective to avoid the lack of connection between the teaching content in each semester, the serious repetition of teaching content, and the lack of student interest in physical education. Recently, the reform of physical education curriculum integration in universities, primary and secondary schools is on the agenda. Integration is to divide the courses into several modules according to logic, and then to learn the modules corresponding to students in different primary and secondary schools. The author believes that the physical education curriculum conforms to the laws of students' physical and mental development and the teachers' teaching is targeted through the reform. Also, the teaching content is no longer repeated, and the students' desire for learning is stronger. The learning content is more diverse. However, some difficulties will also be encountered during the reform process. In view of the difficulties, the author offers the corresponding countermeasures for reference only.


Integration; Connection; Countermeasures