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Research and Implementation of MOOC-based Online Non-real-time Discussion-based Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.067


Jufang Li, Yuan Tang, Xiaoxia Zhao, Chengli Hua

Corresponding Author

Jufang Li


In order to compare with the traditional teaching mode, the discussion-based teaching mode is student-centered and has strong advantages in teaching form, objective, content and teacher-student relationship. With the continuous development of Internet technology and modern education technology, the superiority of MOOC applied in the mode of discussion teaching has been fully demonstrated. The study is aimed to put forward a discussion teaching mode based on MOOC. Firstly the work analyzed MOOC and discussion-based teaching mode, then discussed the construction of innovative teaching mode and the specific implementation plan in the database technology course, and finally, it put forward provide reference for related teaching reform research.


MOOC; Discussion-based Teaching; Technique of Database