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Research on the Objective Confirmation of Early Children’s Literature Curriculum Based on Kindergarten Teacher’s Professional Standard

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.060


Ling Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ling Zhang


Colleges are confronting the problem that early children’s literature curriculum objective isn’t clear. The Kindergarten Teacher’s Professional Standard issued by the Ministry of Education in 2012 is the main basis for colleges to determine the curriculum objective of preschool education majors. According to the professional standard, combining with the characteristics of early children’s literature curriculum, the writer points out that the teaching objective of early children’s literature curriculum is to absorb the spiritual connotation of early children’s literature, while improving humanities accomplishment. The curriculum also aims at recognizing the characteristics and importance of early children’s literature and cultivating the ability to accumulate, appreciation, interpret, create and applicate early children’s literature.


Professional Standard; Early Children’s Literature; Curriculum Objective