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A practical Study on Cultivating College Students' Positive Psychological Quality through Group Counseling Class Meeting

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.058


Fan Lin, Yao Yao

Corresponding Author

Yao Yao


In college students' positive mental health education, group counseling is one of the important links, and group counseling class meeting is the combination of mental health specialty and class management, which not only has the theme for different grades' psychological needs, but also has the richness of class members' interesting activities. On the basis of close to the needs of students' own growth, it is an important innovative exploration for the cultivation of positive psychological quality of college students to enhance the significance of activity inspiration and education and guide students to understand the development direction of psychological quality at different ages with group counseling class meeting, which also needs to be continuously extended.


Group Counseling; Class meeting; Positive psychological quality