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Research on the Curriculum System of BIM in Engineering Management Specialty of Higher Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.057


Yongquan Xiong

Corresponding Author

Yongquan Xiong


Based on the supporting role of BIM in the ten knowledge fields of project management and the difference between BIM manager and project manager, to analyze the obstacles of the popularization of engineering management major and BIM education in colleges and universities from four aspects; curriculum system establishment, teaching materials, teachers and students. And probes into the BIM by combining four curriculum platforms of engineering management major, i.e. technology, economy, management and law. Then it puts forward the organizational mode of cooperation and introduction, the technical means of the combination of reality and virtual, the teaching mode of combination of theory and practice, and the gradual transition from a single course to platform framework integration combined the popularization path of BIM higher education.


Tertiary education; curriculum; BIM