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The Application of Pad Class in the Teaching of Macroeconomics: A Reform Experiment Based on Three Teaching Classes

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.051


Fan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fan Zhang


Due to the difficulty of studying macroeconomics, many students are not interested in learning. In terms of the "teaching difficulty" problem, many teachers have tried to reform, but the effect is not obvious. Based on the pad class theory proposed by Prof. Zhang Xuexin, this work designed a pad class experiment in the macroeconomics class, and tested the teaching effect from dimensions of classroom response, homework situation, questionnaire survey, and thesis situation. It was concluded that macroeconomics is suitable for pad class teaching, yet the class time and the teachers' guidance of the discussion will affect the discussion effect. In addition, the pad mode should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the teaching class.


Pad class; Macroeconomics; Teaching method reform