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Urban-rural Integrated Model of Elderly Care Institution and Its Connection with Economic Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.050


Yueni Meng, Chenlu Wang, Jian Yu

Corresponding Author

Yueni Meng


With the aging of China's population, the issue of elderly care has become the focus of attention of all parties in society. In order to meet the different needs of people for elderly care, various models have emerged in China to adapt to the new market environment, such as "smart elderly care" and "integrated medical care and elderly service". There are still various problems in the implementation of the above models. The problem of elderly care in China has not been completely solved, and at the same time, the elderly care in rural areas is still stagnant in development and cannot meet the needs of modern needs. Studies have shown that rural elderly care and urban elderly care can be effectively combined to achieve a win-win situation, thereby promoting the development of rural economy and driving up the level of the national economy. Based on the research and analysis of the traditional elderly care model, this work discussed the possibility of establishing a comprehensive elderly institution model in rural areas, and expounded how the consumption generated in the process of urban elderly going to rural areas for care service drives the development of rural economy and national economy.


Rural-urban fringe; Institutional elderly care; National economy