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Teaching Research of on YJK Structural Software Application Course Based on Engineering Education Accreditation

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.046


Shaohua Shi

Corresponding Author

Shaohua Shi


The certification of engineering education requires that teaching should focus on students' ability, and the determination of the curriculum aims should meet social needs. According to the above idea, YJK Structural Software Application course for civil engineering specialty is studied. Firstly, combined with the orientation of applied university and the results of social survey, the capacity requirements of structural design engineers are determined, and then the ability objectives of the course are determined. Then according to the teaching objectives, the specific teaching contents and corresponding teaching methods are determined. Finally, the core idea of continuous improvement is embodied in the formulation of teaching achievement goals and the course assessment method of the final examination.


Engineering accreditation; structure software; course assessment