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The Construction and Cultivation of College Students' Core Accomplishment under the View of Active Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.045


Rong Zhen, Huajie Sui

Corresponding Author

Huajie Sui


Against the background of quality-oriented education reform, the cultivation of students' core quality is not only the first priority in the information age, but also the main need to train high-quality and excellent technical talents. Based on the positive psychology background, the author analyzes the meaning of the core accomplishment of the college students and integrates the current teaching situation of the core quality on contemporary college students. Under the guidance of strengthening the mental health education, the students participate actively in social practice activities and teachers promote the core quality systematically to meet the requirement of teaching qualifications. The author researches the background in China after reform and opening and emphasizes the significance of the cultivation of students' core quality. To cultivate and promote the core quality of college students, foreign advanced teaching experience must be attached great importance in the development of core quality education. Meanwhile, the current education status and future competitive trends cannot be ignored as well. With the reference of positive psychology, Chinese contemporary college students can steadily increase their competitiveness under the trend of globalization.


Positive psychology; Core accomplishment; College students