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Research on Legal Issues of Dishonesty in E-commerce Transactions

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.043


Yaoyao He,Dianfan Li

Corresponding Author

Yaoyao He


With the rapid development of information technology, this new model of "Internet +" has penetrated into all walks of life. Under the tide of the Internet, traditional enterprises, which have been in depression and depression for a long time in recent years, have continuously expanded their internal tension and huge potential with the help of the Internet platform, stimulating the vitality and vitality of the real economy. However, there are contradictions in everything. The e-commerce market is also facing a series of problems. Transaction security, information, and privacy security challenge the principle of good faith. In order to create a clean and healthy transaction environment in the e-commerce market, this paper puts forward a series of effective legal measures to regulate dishonesty in the e-commerce transaction process, For example, the first step is that we can strengthen legislation to fill in loopholes in information distortion. Next, it can also solve this problem effectively by strengthening administrative enforcement and raise the cost of breaking faith. In addition, there are many other ways to establish integrity and speed up the establishment of a good faith system in the e-commerce market.


Electronic commerce; Principle of good faith; Legal regulation