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Innovation and Implementation of Museum Interactive Three-dimensional Learning Model Based on WeChat Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.042


Bing zhang, Shiqiang pan

Corresponding Author

Shiqiang pan


Based on the WeChat platform, a new model of three-dimensional and interactive visits to museums was established. By proportionally constructing the three-dimensional virtual space of the exhibits in the museum, visitors can enjoy the exhibits from any direction, greatly expanding the knowledge and information involved, breaking Limitations of display space. This new model using the equipment to scan, research, and organize the exhibits' material and process information, and provide them to visitors to appreciate and learn. The development of the museum's visit mode is interactive and diversified, which fully mobilizes the subjective initiative of visitors and realizes the deep learning experience of the visit.


3D innovation; WeChat platform; deep learning; virtual space